DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet

Make Valentine’s Day Gifts Delicious & Easy!

Materials Needed: 

-Beer Pint Glass (purchased at the Dollar Tree). 

*Other ideas – beer mug, mason jar, themed bucket, wine glass and the list goes on..

-Heart Tissue Paper (purchased at the Dollar Tree) 

-Wooden Dowels – I used 12 inch ones! (Can purchase at any craft store)

-3 inch styrofoam ball (purchased at the Dollar Tree)

-Glitter Heart Sticks (purchased at the Dollar Tree) 

-Clear Tape 

-Candy – Snickers Heart, Reese’s Heart, Russel Stover Assorted Chocolates in heart box, Ferrero Rocher, Truffles & red Tootsie Pops! (purchased at Walgreens). 

-Optional: Vinyl or stickers to decorate the glass. 


I purchased everything for around $10! 


How to make: 

Step 1: Take 2 sheets of tissue paper and stuff down into glass (make sure red or print shows all the way around the glass)


Step 2: Take your styrofoam ball and place in the upper half of the glass (push down to make it secure in the glass). You may need to shove more tissue paper around the sides to make it tight – goal is to make sure the ball cannot move and that styrofoam ball is not visible from the outside.


Step 3: Set out your candy with the front wrapper facing down. Place your wooden dowels on the backside. Tape the candy on the dowels.


Step 4: Put your largest and heaviest candy in the middle (press the dowel down into the styrofoam). In my case the Russel Stover heart was my largest candy item. *Tip: If it seems like the dowels are not secure in the styrofoam, push the dowel down, take out, and place a little hot glue in the hole before pushing the dowel back down.


Step 5: Start placing the other candy dowels in the styrofoam in different places.  *Tip: I usually try to mix up how far down I push into the styrofoam making the candy stick up at different heights. 


Step 6: Place glitter heart sticks on the styrofoam at different heights. (I used 4)


Step 7: Stick Tootsie Pops into the styrofoam (place anywhere there seems to be white space). (I used 5)


Step 8: Cut up a piece of tissue paper in wide strips. I stuffed these around the sides to look as if the tissue was spilling out of the top. (I did this all the way around the top). 


Optional: Personalize glass with vinyl (I used my silhouette Machine to do this) or fun stickers.


Add on ideas: Add a little more to your bouquet with gift cards and scratch off tickets.