6 Steps in Hosting the Ultimate Craft Night


Make your craft night something your friends will not forget! Hosting a craft night is a great way to get together with your friends! Hosting any sort of get together can seem like a daunting task and that is why we want to make planning easy for you! Below you will find the 6 key steps needed to host the ultimate craft night in.


6 Steps to Hosting Craft Night:


Step 1: Invite your friends! An easy way to accomplish this would be starting a group or event in Facebook! This way you can easily send updates to the group and get comments or feedback from them.


Step 2: Pick a project that everyone would be interested in! Create a poll (can do within your Facebook group) or send a few ideas out to your friends and have them vote which project they are most interested in. Allowing them to vote will not only gauge their interest but it may also help secure RSVP’s.


Step 3: Make sure your project is easy enough for people to complete and enjoy. Nothing is more frustrating then trying to complete a craft that seems impossible or doesn’t turn out. A great way to avoid this is to try the project out beforehand. Your trial run will also provide a great model for the craft, seeing the end project boosts confidence.


Step 4: Shop for craft supplies. I usually start online to see what I can get and don’t forget to use coupons. My top shops for supplies are Joann’s, Etsy, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby! Don’t forget to send a list of household craft essentials for your guests to bring along (scissors, rulers, glue etc). This will help cut down on the cost of the evening.


Step 5: Hire a sitter! (if your friends have kids)Hire the neighbor to come over and play with the kids while the adults craft! This is a nice way to eliminate your friends from not participating simply because they do not have someone to watch the kids.


Step 6: And lastly, it wouldn’t be a craft night without delicious drinks and desserts. Ask your friends to bring a bottle of wine and dessert to share or choose a signature cocktail/dessert to share with everyone (see below for some ideas)! 


And most importantly—HAVE FUN!